Monday, 31 January 2011

BlogalongaBond: Dr.No

As this is my first proper post, you may think that I started this blog just to join in on BlogalongaBond, and you’d be absolutely right.

Fellow film blogger (and personal inspiration) The Incredible Suit used mathematical genius to work out that there is 22 months until the next Bond film is released, and 22 previous Bond films. So he is calling out everyone to watch a film a month and write a review on it until Bond 23 comes out.

As its January the 31st, I only have one day left to post my review of Dr. No, so it’s not my fault if it seems rushed.

Dr. No contains;


It also contains one of the most subtle introductions to a character that is now world famous.

Stay tuned next month for: From Russia With Love


I can’t really think of a very good introductory post, so all I’ll say is, if you read my blog and tell all your friends about how cool I am, I’ll love you long time.

As this post needs a picture, or something to make it a bit more interesting, here’s a hedgehog trapped in a toilet roll tube, which has nothing to do with film at all.

So there's a taste of my hilarious wit (I can't promise things are going to get any better.)