Sunday, 17 April 2011

A tiny Sunday night rant.

Look at this poster, just look at it!

I’m sure you’ve seen it at every single bus stop under the sun, and I doubt you get as annoyed about it as me, but just look at Russell Brand’s smug face.

I’ve had a very on, off relationship with Mr Brand, I used to hate him, then he made a lot of funnies on the TV and I grew to love him like the messy tramp that he is, but now he’s started to shovel out tons of middle of the road comedies like this (the trailer is more than enough proof that Arthur will is pretty crap.)

Whatever my thoughts are on Brand, I don’t think you can argue with me when I say that you’d never stop wanting to punch his face in this poster, it’s pretty much the epitome of ‘smug bastard.’

Jennifer Garner isn’t looking as hot as she usually does either, so the poster loses points there as well.


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