Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Two things...


Is it just me, or does this poster for ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ make it look like the most unappealing film ever to exist, and I know that’s a very hard record to take from the main ‘Knight and Day’ posters. Everything about it makes me want to be at least a thousand metres away from any showing, that stupid licence plate, McConaughey’s stupid pensive expression and that odd rusty effect to tell everyone that it’s obviously set in the past (it might not be, but I can’t think of any other reason for using that effect.)


This is the new Cars 2 trailer that hit the internetz yesterday, and it’s our first proper look at footage from the film. I seemed to be the only one who had a lot of faith in this film, mainly because of my absolute devotion to Pixar, but even I’m beginning to worry after this trailer.

We were originally told that the main plot of the film would involve Lightening McQueen and Mater travelling around the world for a series of races, and that sounded like the perfect way to move the story along as I really couldn’t imagine another film set in Radiator Springs. Now we’re seeing that it’s turned into some odd spy caper which I really don’t think suits the Cars universe. Also, Pixar have a knack for picking a mix of great voice actors and celebrities whose voices really match their characters, but I’m afraid to say every time I hear Michael Caine’s character talk, I’m going to wish that he was voicing an old Mini, not a car that is seems to be made out of explosives.

All I can say is, fingers and toes are tightly crossed.

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